All-Curbs: Decorative Concrete Garden Bed Edging 

All-Curbs are installers of extruded decorative concrete Garden Bed edging, Tree Rings, Playgrounds or any application where a continuous concrete barrier is required.  

We mix the concrete onsite, we can add color “In” the concrete or “On” the concrete.  

We do not use formwork, concrete is extruded directly in place. 

We offer a wide range of patterns or textures as well a unique “Stone” like finish and a Hi gloss sealer. 

 All-Curbs is a new business based in Livingston, supporting Lake Livingston and surrounding areas. 

We offer free estimates and are fully insured.  

Visit for more information or Call Philip on 936 247 2963 to discuss the options. 

Special: Up to 15% off, for a limited time.

Philip Allison
936 247 2963